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01 sep 2016

Brazilian Senate ousts president Dilma Rousseff

61 out of 81 senators voted for the impeachment

The Brazilian Senate voting on the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff decided the Brazilian leader is guilty for manipulating public accounts in order to mask a massive budget deficit. 61 out of 81 politicians backed the move, which marks the end of 13 years of rule of the Worker's party.

On a trial that in practice had little to do with the crime she is said to have committed, and a lot to do with her performance as a president and the economic decline of the country under her governance, Dilma, the first female president to be elected in Brazil, becomes the second president in the country's history to be taken out of the office.

In a separate vote, the Senate decided not to bar Roussef for the next eight years from public office - usually a part of the charge that comes with an impeachment process verdict. She has kept all political rights and didn't lose her eligibility, being able to take part into further elections.  

The new president, Michel Temer, was sworn in a few hours after the vote in the Senate. During his first address to the nation, he vowed to work to restore the economy from recession and guarantee political stability for foreign investors. 


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